Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wind Chimes Tucson

Top Three Sites for Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are a beautiful addition to a garden, patio, or porch. Their lilting sounds have a peaceful quality and there are so many unique designs and styles it is easy to find one that fits your individual personality.

Buying wind chimes online makes it possible to get a much wider selection, and more specific help in understanding individual purchases than you would get in a local store. Finding sites that deliver free shipping saves gas and you don't have to spend time sitting in traffic going from one store to another to find the different selections.

In searching the online stores that specialize in wind chimes I chose a selection of top three sites based on quality of information, multitude of selection, unique styles, price, and delivery. The top three winning sites are:

101 Wind Chimes --

The 101 Wind Chimes site is amazing. It has a huge selection of chimes conveniently divided into types of tuning, range, or styles. For those new to buying wind chimes they have a helpful page dedicated to explaining the various nuances of wind chimes such as the difference between the sizes and how it affects the windchime's 'voice'. 101 Wind Chimes has terrific customer service that is easy to get a hold of.

Their shipping policies are quick, and best of all, fr*e. They have approved verisign security for peace of mind in online purchasing and there is no sales tax included in the purchase of any of the wind chimes on the site (except for customers in Texas) and the entire 101 Wind Chimes website is easy to navigate.

Wind Chimes and More --

Wind Chimes and More is a delightful easy to travel website dedicated to the beautiful art of wind chimes. They have easy to follow links on the left hand side of the page complete with a helpful FAQS page helping to understand various aspects of wind chimes like how to properly hang your wind chimes. They have a toll free number available during normal business hours to provide customer service and shipping is free.

Their picture illustrated size chart emphasizing the tones and voices of various sizes of wind chimes is extremely informative and makes the concept easy to understand. One of the most impressive aspects of this site was its sound samples page. It helps select the perfect sound for your home. The site has a beautiful selection of hand blown glass wind chimes that are whimsical and fun as well as all of the best known, high quality standard bar wind chimes in various tones.

The Wind Chimes and More website accepts all major credit cards and is safe and secure to use. You can even sign up for their newsletter to get great savings deals directly in your inbox. -- is a more varied and commercial website dealing with many home accent and furnishings but it has a wonderful selection of wind chimes and is easy to navigate. There is also a bit of comfort taken from a store like website in a sense of extra security although all of the sites listed have excellent security measures. There is an extra value to this site in that it has many great discounts from 10 to 20% on their products without the need for coupon codes.

They also have extra incentives like the code listed right at the top of their pages such as one for their summer sale that offers an additional immediate 10% off at purchase. Those are huge discounts on wind chimes that can run several hundred dollars and more. Each individual wind chime's page has a sound sample for that particular chime so there is no guessing which tone it will have.

They also offer free shipping and excellent, easily available on site email to customer service.

All three of the above websites are loaded with happy customer testimonials that further showcase the quality of their service and products.

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